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CWE symposium

5 February 2015

Back to the future, the ecological reshaping of Dutch waters


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Centre for Wetland Ecology (CWE)

The CWE is a network of fundamental science groups in universities and academic research institutes working on the ecology, biogeochemistry, microbiology and hydrology of wetlands and water bodies. The network was established in 2000 and has developed active collaborations by carrying out joint research projects bridging at least two participating research groups, resulting in at least 8 Phd thesis's (read more about these projects.)


For the period 2010-2015, the CWE aims at enhancing the interaction between the worlds of fundamental research and management implementation regarding wetlands and water bodies (freshwater, brackish-water and coastal) in The Netherlands and Flanders.


To achieve this, the CWE will provide a scientific platform by organizing two symposia per year (read more about the previous symposium), each oriented around a well-delineated scientific theme, for a combined audience of scientists (the CWE itself) and practitioners At the same time, the CWE can act as a partner representing the science community in initiatives from the applied water sector to tackle scientific questions arising from new water-related policies or new plans to modify water resources management in response to mitigation and adaptation programs.


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